iPhone 3G Charging Dock Repair

Is your iPhone 3G charging dock not working properly? Is your iPhone not charging or not recognized by a computer? Did liquid get inside your iPhone and damage it? Do you want your iPhone 3G charging dock problem fixed today? At Fixpress we will have your iPhone charging dock working as good as new in no time!

About the iPhone 3G Charging Dock:
The iPhone 3G charging port is located on the dock flex cable. The dock flex also includes the microphone and loudspeaker. This means that if one or more of these parts are not working, this repair will fix them all. Since all of these components are replaced in this repair, our 3 Months guarantee will also cover them all.

What our service price includes:
Our iPhone 3G charging dock service price includes the replacement of iPhone 3G dock flex cable, professional installation and 3 Months guarantee.

You should replace your iPhone 3G charging dock if:

  • Your iPhone is not charging
  • Your iPhone dock connector is physically broken
  • Your iPhone cannot be recognized by iTunes
  • You can't plug in the charging cable to your iPhone

Repair Options: 

A. bring your device to one of our Locations, we can fix your device fast while you wait. 

B. we come to you and fix your device front of your house, office and etc.

C. send your device by post, we will fix the device and send it back to you the same day it arrives in our service centre.


Why Choose Fixpress

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