iPhone 4 Headphone Jack Repair

Is your iPhone 4 headphone jack not working at all? Is only one channel working? Is something stuck inside of it? At Fixpress you will get an extremely fast, affordable and reliable iPhone 4 headphone jack repair.

About the iPhone 4 Headphone Jack:
The iPhone 4 headphone jack is part of the volume flex cable. The iPhone 4 volume flex cable includes the headphone jack, the mute switch and the volume buttons. Repairing your headphone jack will fix problems with one or more of these functions.

You should replace your iPhone 4 headphone jack if:

  • your headphones don't work when plugged in
  • you hear from one channel on your headphones
  • your headphone jack does not fit into the port properly
  • your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode

Repair Options:

a) bring your device to one of our Locations, we can fix your device fast while you wait.

b) we come to you and fix your device front of your house, office and etc.

c) send your device by post, we will fix the device and send it back to you the same day it arrives in our service centre.



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