MacBook Memory Upgrade

Upgrading the memory on your Macbook is a quick and economical way to get extra power out of your machine. Adding extra RAM to your Macbook will make multitasking much quicker, opening programs will be faster and even webpages will render faster in your browser.We recommend upgrading your Macbook to the maximum amount that the motherboard will take, 8GB or 16GB or 32GB depending on what model Macbook you have.

Repair time:
We can install new memory in your Macbook in about an hour.

OS X installation service price:
The service price includes the labor to install the memory modules. The price of the RAM is not included in the price.

You need to this service if:

  • you want your Macbook to run faster

Why Choose Fixpress

Chip Level Repairs

We have some of the best specialized technicians trained at chip level electronics repairs in the world. That means we can repair just about any device motherboard. If your device is wet, smashed or has some other motherboard damage, we can usually fix it!