Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Is your laptop keyboard not working? Are keys falling off of your laptop keyboard? One of the most common laptop keyboard problem is damaged keys or a bad connection between the laptop keyboard and the motherboard. We will replace or repair your laptop keyboard in either situation.

We do carry the most popular models of laptop keyboards in stock, but it can take up to 7-14 days for your new laptop keyboard to arrive if we have to order a new one.

Repair time:
We can install your new keyboard in just a few hours if your keyboard is in stock.

You need a new laptop keyboard if:

  • one or more keys on your laptop are not working
  • one or more keys on your laptop are stuck
  • one or more keys on your laptop have broken off

Why Choose Fixpress

Chip Level Repairs

We have some of the best specialized technicians trained at chip level electronics repairs in the world. That means we can repair just about any device motherboard. If your device is wet, smashed or has some other motherboard damage, we can usually fix it!